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Established 16/3/2000
Dowth - Dubad

Astronomy at Dowth

Kerbstone 51 - stellar representations and calculations perhaps revealing knowledge of heliacal risings of the Pleiades, the study of precession and the Metonic Cycle.

The interior of Dowth's southern passage and chamber, featuring some stunning megalithic art. The passage is aligned so that Winter solstice sunset illuminates the chamber.

Inside Dowth's northern chamber, which features some stunning astronomical art, and was probably aligned on the setting Moon at minor standstill.

Kerbstone 51 star markings

Megalithic art at Dowth

Photographs of 5,000-year-old carvings on the kerbstones at Dowth. Includes art on the rear of kerb 51 and other carvings never before seen on the internet.

Henge site Q - aligned on solstices

Dowth enclosure - The second-largest henge site in Ireland has entrances oriented towards Summer Solstice sunrise, revealed by our research at the site.

Dowth sacred causeway? A newly-discovered feature in the landscape, revealed by LiDAR imagery, appears to connect the Dowth passage-tomb with the nearby henge monument and a destroyed stone circle.

Dowth - Winter Sunsets

An article by author Anne-Marie Moroney, accompanied by some fantastic photographs, based on her book Dowth - Winter Sunsets - a two-year study showing how the sun illuminates the chamber at Winter Solstice.

Excavation (destruction) at Dowth

IN 1849 the Royal Irish Academy carried out a botched "excavation" at Dowth, which caused extensive damage. This article, taken from a newspaper in 1856, comments on the damage.

Dowth - general views

This view of Dowth shows a possible standing stone in the field near the great mound. Kerb 50 - this stone on the eastern side of the mound features a vertical line, similar to those seen on K1 and K52 at Newgrange and the East and West entrance stones at Knowth.
Dowth entrance - the entrance to the southern chamber.

Dowth stellar engravings
Tour Dowth & the Boyne Valley
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