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Established 16/3/2000

Photos of the megalithic art inside Newgrange

While Knowth is the most decorated of the three Brú na Bóinne passage mounds, Newgrange does contain a large amount of decoration. Some of this, as discovered during excavations by Michael O'Kelly in the 1960s and 70s, was located at the rear of kerbstones, hence it was not visible and lay hidden for five millennia until the excavations programme. Inside the passage and chamber of Newgrange, there are some well decorated stones. The photographs here show selected examples of decorated stones in the chamber, including the world-famous triple-spiral on the right-hand chamberstone in the rear recess, and the ceiling stone of the eastern recess. For an interpretation of megalithic art, see this page.

Triple Spiral
Triple spiral close-up
East Recess Ceiling Stone

The famous triple spiral on C10 in the end recess. Archaeologists call it the "three-spiral stone".

A close-up of the so-called "triple spiral". There are many theories as to its meaning.

The wonderfully decorated ceiling stone in the east recess, one of the glories of Newgrange.

Spiral on C3

Corbelled ceiling in Newgrange

A spiral on the stone C3 at the rear of the west recess in Newgrange.

Diamonds or lozenges on a lintel above the passage.

The corbelled ceiling of the chamber at Newgrange.

Spiral on C3
Chamberstone 3
'Ship plan' stone

The larger of the two spirals on C3 in the west recess.

A view of the spirals on stone C3 in the west recess of the chamber.

The famous 'ship plans' stone. See this page for drawing.

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