Free fonts and dingbats to download

Here is a selection of fonts and dingbats which you can download FREE and use. Some of these are featured on the Mythical Ireland website, and most are relative to the content of this site. Many have an Irish/Celtic theme or an astronomical theme. All fonts are TrueType PC fonts, and can be downloaded simply by clicking on the appropriate link. When the file is downloaded, just copy it into your Windows/Fonts folder, and make sure you restart any applications that use fonts before using them for the first time.

Astro Font
Carr Space

Astro Font - Download

Celtic MD
Celtic Patterns
Christian Crosses
Gaeilge 1
Moon Phases
Night Sky
Outer Space

Fonts from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars & other films

Lord of the Rings
Tengwar Cursive
Ringbearer Medium - the font used in the title of the Lord of the Rings movies. See this page for more.
Tengwar Cursive - a very good rendition of the Tengwar elvish script featured on the Ring of Power.
Star Wars
Sun and Moon

Star Jedi Hollow - the font used in the title of all the Star Wars films.

Sun and Moon - a nice little font with sun, moon and star patterns.

Snowflakes Weather icons

Flakey - a font for designing lots of little snowflakes.

Weather - different icons used in weather forecasts.

Jurassic Park Star Trek
Jurassic - the font used in the title of the Jurassic Park films.

Final Frontier - the font used in the title of the Star Trek films.

Mythical Ireland also has a beautiful selection of FREE desktop wallpapers for your computer, available for download in four different sizes to suit a variety of monitor resolutions. These high-quality wallpapers have been produced exclusively for Mythical Ireland and are crafted in the themes of this website - the Stone Age, mythology, art and astronomy. More free fonts can be downloaded at Top20 Free:

Top20 Free

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