Metrical Dindshenchas

The Metrical Dindshenchas is a series of ancient legends connected with the origin of Irish place-names. They come to us from the distant past and survived mainly by word of mouth over the centuries. There are five volumes in all. Some of the material is presented here, selected because it relates to sites already featured in Mythical Ireland.

Volume One

Temair I - Temair IV (Temair = Tara)

Volume Three

Cnogba (Knowth)
Dubad (Dowth)
Sláine (Slane)
Nas (Naas)
Boand I & II (Boand = Boyne)
Rath Crinna

Volume Four

Taltiu (Teltown)
Bend Boirche
Rath Mor of Mag Line

Other place-name stories

Ath Cliath Cualann (Dublin)
Tonn Clidna (Clidna's Wave)
Rockabill (Island in the Irish Sea)