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Established 16/3/2000
Maya writings do not predict 2012 doomsday
Leading expert on Maya glyphs dismisses predictions of supposed Armageddon event in 2012

The Maya did not predict doomsday for 2012, a leading expert on Mayan writings has said.

Martin Brennan, author of The Hidden Maya, has studied Mayan glyphs for years and says that all of the hype and hysteria surrounding a supposed Armageddon event coinciding with Winter Solstice 2012 has no basis in the Mayan writings.

Hear Martin Brennan's comments about the 2012 doomsday scenario in this video which was filmed at the Boyne Valley Revision conference.  

Brennan headlined a major winter solstice conference at the Newgrange Lodge in the Boyne Valley at which he presented significant revelations arising from his researches.

The Irish-American author says that, “without doubt the 2012 is a profound worldwide event, but it’s not about doomsday, quite the opposite. It’s about the light and the truth and the truth is in their glyphs.”

“I’ve been looking at the material coming out and there are all sorts of theories, but no-one seems to have been reading the actual texts. There is no doomsday scenario in the Mayan writings. Although the idea of a 2012 doomsday event is supposedly based on the Mayan writings, nobody seems to have read them.”

“I have shown the glyphs for that day – Winter Solstice 2012 – and said, ‘look, here’s what the Maya say’. I can read the glyphs and when you read the glyphs there’s no hint of doomsday.”

“The doomsday protagonists now hold sway and we’re seeing many books and articles and even Hollywood films coming out predicting apocalypse, but I intend to usurp the doomsday scenario and present the truth, the actual verifiable glyphs.”

“The doomsday predictions are dangerous because predictions can help create the events that they foretell. Let’s not get carried away by silly doomsday prophecies.”

He said there was strong synchronicity between the Mayan calendar and Newgrange and the ancient monuments of Ireland.

“Basically Newgrange was being constructed when the Mayan calendar begins. Our job is to show that Newgrange has been here for 5,200 years and that it’s going to be here for another 5,200 years. There’s no need to panic whatsoever.”

“What better time to focus on the cosmology of Newgrange and the Boyne Valley monuments than at a time of world jitters? I think it’s very important for people to look towards the 2012 event with hope for the future.”

Brennan's latest findings will be published in his next book, 'Days of Power', which is due for release some time in 2010.

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