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Established 16/3/2000

A remarkable meeting - George Eogan and
Martin Brennan meet again after 27 years

George Eogan and Martin Brennan
SOLSTICE GREETINGS . . . those of you who know the history of the Martin Brennan story would recognise the significance of this moment. Professor George Eogan, excavator of Knowth, and Martin Brennan, the man who revealed so much about its carvings, meet again after a gap of 27 years.
Video promo for The Boyne Valley Revision.  

Author of "The Boyne Valley Vision" and "The Stones of Time" calls for an end to the 2012 doomsday scenario at the Boyne Valley Revision conference in the Newgrange Lodge.

Pioneering author Martin Brennan, whose work changed the way the world looked at Newgrange and the Boyne Valley monuments, has delivered his keynote speech to a major conference in the Boyne Valley. It was his first time in Ireland since 1982.

The ground-breaking writer was brought to the Boyne Valley by Anthony Murphy of Mythical Ireland to speak at the conference at the Newgrange Lodge. In his talk, Brennan called for a revision of what he called the "doomsday scenario" surrounding December 21st 2012, the day on which the Maya long count calendar ends. Brennan, an expert on Maya glyphs and the author of 'The Hidden Maya', said there was nothing in the Maya writings about any doomsday, and said the world would continue on as it always had done.

On the morning of winter solstice, Brennan visited Newgrange where he was greeted by a flurry of media. HIs return to Ireland has been warmly welcomed and attendees at the Boyne Valley Revision conference came from far and wide. One lady travelled all the way from Alaska to be present.

Brennan wrote The Boyne Valley Vision and The Stones of Time, two books which radically altered thinking about Stone Age monuments and which challenged the widely-held academic view that Newgrange and its sister sites were just tombs.

Jack Roberts, Martin Brennan and Toby Hall
FRIENDS REUNITED . . . Jack Roberts, Martin Brennan and Toby Hall.

The author, who has been living in Mexico where he is currently working on concluding his next book, revealed fascinating new data from Mexico relating to ancient alignments and the Mayan calendar, and spoke about the resonance and the synchronicity between his discoveries in Mexico and those he made in Ireland in the 1980s.

The conference was titled "The Boyne Valley Revision" in honour of his first ground-breaking book, The Boyne Valley Vision, and heard on a number of fronts how the theories he advanced over a quarter of a century ago have matured, and how new data from other parts of the world is supporting the idea that the ancient monuments were inspired by the Cosmos.

Also speaking at the event was world renowned astronomer and Griffith Observatory Director, Dr. E.C. Krupp, who commented on a tantalising new look at the Calendar Stone - possibly the world's oldest computer program - which calculates the 19-year Metonic Cycle of the Moon.

“There is no proof,” says Dr. Krupp, of the recently-rendered animation of what is commonly called The Calendar Stone at Knowth.  “There is only probability, but what is being released is a very sensibly structured animation, clearly illustrating the components of the panel on stone.”

Brennan was also joined at the conference, being held at The Newgrange Lodge in the heart of the Boyne Valley, by two members of his research team who helped him with his major discoveries - Toby Hall and Jack Roberts. Completing the line-up of speakers was Sig Lonegren, another acquaintance of Martin, who will speak on 'Earth Energies Then and Now'.

See the Boyne Valley Revision page

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